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When the perennial podium finishers left LETC for a lighter and easier training regimen, there was heated discussion about who would step up to replace them in the limelight. Would it be Chris MacDonald, uber-biker? Would it be fleet-footed Ashley Perry? Most punters were betting on Stan Lorenzo, despite his known affinity for cookies and sushi. Well, it was none of them, and it wasn't even a man. Meet Lauren Babineau!

Where are you from?

Right here! Grew up in Belcarra, BC most of my life


How long have you been in Triathlon?

My first triathlon was due to one spontaneous click of my computer, which registered me in the Vancouver Triathlon 2009 (which was a short 2 weeks away… no bike, no wet suit, but I knew I could run!). It happened to be the rainiest, coldest, most miserable September day for my first triathlon… [Swim] I have a strange fear of creepy ropes connected to the bottom of the ocean so I back-crawled 90% of the swim. [Bike] My chain came off my bike three times, and that happened to be the first three times I’ve ever put a chain on a bike.

I also did the race on my mom’s bike which came equipped with full fenders, a bike rack, and a basket (I decided to take off the basket). [Run] The unusual feeling of “jello legs” and numb feet made me hallucinate as if I were running on the spot not going anywhere – so basically – a flawless first tri. I LOVED it!


What sports were you involved in before triathlon?

I grew up being continuously active – I was the queen on the playground and kick ass at capture the flag – I tried every sport but soccer was the one that stuck.

Which is your favourite swim? Sasamat, Kits, the ocean?

I guess I’m a bit partial to Sasamat (being a local), but that makes Kits so great in mind – because I rarely swim there! I have yet to swim in the ocean when I am not in a race…

What has been your most memorable sports experience to date and why?

I’d say my first triathlon – it converted me to the dark side – see above

Who are/were your sports heroes?

I feel like I should say ‘Paula Findlay’ or ‘Chrissie Wellington’, but to me they’re not necessarily heroes – they’re motivation… I want to be ‘Lauren Babineau’

Therefore, I’m going to get sentimental here and say my dad. He’s not an athlete but he keeps himself fit and always active – always on the go – always something to renovate or dig or build or fix around the house – that’s also something most people don’t know about me… I am yet to meet a guy that knows more about tools than I do ;)

And he’s not my sports hero but he’s my best friend (and a hero in other ways) – my brother   Brother

Tell us about your race plans?

In the NEAR future – London baby! For the Triathlon World Champs. Beyond that… it’s up to Coach!

What would happen if BOTH you and Natasha chicked Stan Lorenzo in the same race?

BOTH of us?! In the SAME race?! It’s gonna happen… (I can’t hold his hand forever)

What do LETC members not know about you?

I lived in Bermuda for most of the 2010 year. I lived at the Fairmont Southampton and was a Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor.  Sweet gig!



And that’s about it for me… I’m a bit crazy, sure, but I tried to be normal… and it was boring. So I decided to live life my way –  limitless


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