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Ok, so you recently immigrated from Ireland, kind of a hot shot on the Emerald Isle. You figure, I'll join a local triathlon club, kick some ass and take names. Lo and behold, you find out that you get lapped on the track by a guy wearing board shorts, and this is in an 800 meter interval. Meet Stanley Lorenzo. Where are you from? I was born in Vancouver. My Parents are from Argentina and I have Spanish and Italian blood.

What do you do professionally? Better question is what do I not do….. I like to keep myself busy and take advantage of opportunities that interest me. I have a Renovations Company here in Vancouver, and one in Phoenix AZ. I invest in Real Estate mostly in Phoenix. I’m also a professional at opening coconuts.

What are your passions? I honestly don’t have passions. I like doing lots of things. At the moment I’m really enjoying the competiveness of triathlon. I was never good in high school (track and x-country) and was happy to be the last guy crossing the finish line so no one else would feel bad. Something else that I love to do is proving people wrong. I have a problem saying NO to stupid bets just to show I can do it. Like 4 liters of milk in an hour.  Or the famous 15 tacos. I like outdoor recreation. Try to go to the mountain snowboarding as much as I can (once a year). I’m usually up for anything as long as I have time to fit it in.


How long have you been in Triathlon? I started training for Triathlons in 2005. My first race was the UBC Tri in 2006 Olympic distance. I have 7 years in the sport but only the last 2-3 years have really taken this seriously. I went from thinking 10hrs a week was enough for Ironman (not recommended) to joining a club and getting a coach.

What sports were you involved in before triathlon? Mostly running. I did track and field in high school. Then nothing for 3 years. Then started running 10kms-marathons. I played soccer for a year when I was a kid.

What has been your most memorable sports experience to date and why? Don’t have one in particular. They have all been great experiences from doing well and achieving my goals to learning what not to do to realizing the true me and what my limits are and then realizing that I can push through those limits. I think the ones that always stick are seeing the finish line cause then you know there is food waiting for you. The main one that started it all was not an experience of my own but a Gatorade commercial where they showed a top athlete at Kona falling to the ground 200m before the finish line and not being able to finish. After watching that and seeing the will of the guy but the body just not responding made me start triathlons.


What are your goals for 2013? Kick everyones butt that beat me in 2012 that I was not expecting :) As a person that likes to keep busy I have many goals. From beating fellow friend triathletes to making sure I don’t get chicked. My main goal is to always keep getting faster and better. As much as I love to talk trash and welcome the challenge my fellow triathletes present, I am always racing against the clock and really going after my own times. I guess I could also work on wearing fewer layers when running.

Is there an ultimate sports event that you would like to participate in or achieve? I think Triathlon is an Ultimate sport. I don’t think there are any others that challenge you as much as Tri does. Long term goal is to go back to Ironman and qualify for Kona. Short term I want to be as good as I can be. I want to podium at Worlds.

Who are/were your sports heroes? So many to list. Really, at the end of the day my heroes are the ones that have a passion for what they do. I usually tell myself to be and work hard like Prefontaine, Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, and lately Javier Gomez and the Brownlee brothers. But I look at the people I know and train with cause I know the hard work they put into the sport. Whether you’re a fast athlete or someone that likes to train and do well or you may think you’re slow I still look up to you. The fact that you’re still working and wanting not needing to get better and faster makes me see the passion and love you have for triathlon. I thrive on your passion. Greatest Hero would be my mom. Although she was never an athlete she came to as many of my races as she could. She supported me no matter how well or bad I did and was always proud of me. Late in her life when she was in pain and the best thing for her would have been to stay at home she still came to some of my races and put on a smile and cheered as loud as she could.

What do LETC members not know about you? I will never tell. Well maybe if you get me drunk one day I might tell you everything. So for now let’s keep it about Triathlon. I’m a common guy. I’m not a fast talented athlete. I work hard and have been able to get to where I am and will continue to. Example:

1st Olympic tri was 3:01:55hrs, next year it was 3:07:55hrs.

1st Half Ironman 7:23:25hrs, 1st Ironman 13:34:14hrs,

1st Sprint 1:15:37hrs on a short bike course. 10km race 47:08mins,

1st half marathon 1:49:17hrs,

1st marathon 3:52:15hrs, 2nd marathon Did not Finish, 3rd marathon 4:41hrs (wake up call).

I’m an average guy that trains hard to get better. If I can do what I have achieved and what I will achieve then anyone can. I don’t have any special hidden athletic talents. I have learned over the years you need to train hard and properly (see Andrew I learned) but be easy on yourself if you do badly. Enjoy the time you have out there and in life.

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