Member Profile 2.0 Bronwyn Masson


Last year, Bronwyn was one of the first to have a Member Profile published on Leading Edge. Since then, many new facets of Bronwyn have come to light, so we knew that our members would surely enjoy this updated version on her birthday. We’ve included some shots that illustrate her fashion sense and derring-do.

LE: You are known for your Kamikaze downhill sound barrier breaking descents. How did that come about?

BM: After spending such a long time savouring and enjoying the climb up the mountain, I just want to get down as quick as I can to do it all over again.

Either that or having taken such a long time to get up the mountain, I need to catch up to all the people that have passed me. To do this I have to go really really fast, cause I am really slow going up.

LE: Who are Fric and Frak

BM: I'm Frak , I remember this due to the alliteration with fat, Teresa is the other one cause she's not.

LE: Where are you from?

BM: I grew up on the Hauraki Plains, this is a dairy farming area about 90 minutes south east from Auckland, in NZ. It would be the equivalent of growing up in Chilliwack, but without the smog and flat like Richmond but with cows rather than people. Yes I grew up on a dairy farm, this could explain my manners, or lack thereof.

New Zealand is one of the best places to grow up. It is far away from other global influences, and yet most Kiwi's have an interest and knowledge of what is happening in the world. Generally Kiwi's have a can-do attitude to life challenges and come up with some innovative solutions. There are lots of outdoor activities and amazing beaches. Oh and it rains.

LE: What sports did you play in your youth?

BM: When I was in elementary and middle school I played both field hockey and Netball, (a running, throwing game played by young ladies) Netball once known as Women's basketball was invited by that famous Canadian Mr. James Naismith the same dude who invented basketball. When I went to high school I had to choose which sport to play, as I was stronger at field hockey than Netball, I chose Netball.

Perhaps I knew that one day I would move to Canada and when asked what sport I played people would hear me say "I play nipple.”

LE: Did you ever win any awards in that sport?

BM: Although I am competitive, well not "that" competitive, it is rare that I do get an award in my sporting endeavours. But I am proud (so was my Dad, cause he displayed my one award next to his many dart trophies) of my sole BC Netball award, which I won in a Tournament in Victoria. In Netball, if there is confusion on who should have the ball in the game, the ball is thrown up between two opposing players 1 meter apart. This is called a throw up. The organizers thought that this was an indelicate name for the award.  So I won the 'Best Snatch - B Grade" Trophy ;-)

LE: When did you come to Canada?

BM: I came to Canada October 26 1985

LE: Did you get flack in NZ for racing for Canada?

BM: My Uncle did wonder why I was racing for Canada, but my  sister told him I did not qualify for the New Zealand team.

The family seemed to accept this as a reasonable answer.

LE: How come we can understand other Kiwis but Stan R still has no idea what you're saying?

BM: OhOhOh..............found out on the trip to NZ last month. I am a "confused Kiwi". I thought Stan translated for me?

LE: What got you into triathlon and motivates you to continue?

BM: I have always used swimming for stress release, and enjoyed biking for fun. About 10 years ago I went through a life style change, losing weight and getting fit.

I stopped drinking coffee and thought I would try running to get that last bit of weight off. I trained for the Sun Run, which I still do each year.  Thought that I would tri a "my first tri", it was on my bucket list. So off I went to Cultus Lake. No wet suit (lucky it was summer), my 30 year old, 40lb mountain bike with kick stand (cause who knew there would be bike racks), carrier, and bright orange safety vest - I needed to be seen on bike and the run. Anyway in this bunch of Novices I did win my age group. And thought I would try another one.

Why do I continue..............I am waiting for that attractive race photo, I’m going to do them until someone takes a good photo of my racing, with both feet in the air running. Or I want to get faster and there is that sub 50-minute 10km in the Oly distance or maybe Kona.......... I am going for quantity rather than quality, only got 7 IM's to go until I qualify as a legacy candidate.

LE: What are your racing highlights?

BM: Still to come................

But my first IMC in 2006, was a very satisfying and memorable race. This year was a strong race year, doing PR's at Delta (even though they made me swim an extra 50m), Northshore (but I think the run was short), Victoria Half, and Vancouver Subaru Olympic, (ok it was the first time the race had this distance, but it was my fastest Oly race ever and it was fun being the trailing edge of the Leading Edge women in the race)

LE: Anything else club members need to know about you?

BM: I'm a little bit quirky, there were no air signs in my astrological constellation when I was born, hence my lack of ability to communicate and to spell.