Exclusive! Interview with Allison Bernat, winner 2012 UBC Sprint Triathlon

Despite the intense media interest, Leading Edge was able to sit down today with the women's winner of the UBC Sprint Distance Race held on March 11, 2012

LE: Has the win sunk in yet? AB: Not really, despite all the wonderful congrats from family and friends I still can't believe it!

LE: When did you know you had it? AB: To be honest, not for quite awhile after the race! It wasn't until Tash saw the results about 5 minutes before they announced the awards and came running over to tell me ... I still didn' believe it until they called my name!  Given the many heats and the staggered swim start you just never know in a race like this where you are.

LE: Was there an extra incentive to win given that there was trash talk by some that insinuated that current Leading Edge athletes could not handle a little rain and cold? AB: Nah, what would racing be without the trash talking?! With each race comes some sort of trash talk ... this one just happened to be weather related.  Besides, LE athletes are all tough ... we can handle anything!

LE: You have competed on the International stage, was the win at home as sweet? AB: Although competing internationally is quite an experience, it doesn't even begin to compare to winning at home with all your family and friends there to congratulate you.  More importantly, nothing will ever top racing hard against a team mate, best friend and all around amazing person who pushes me at every workout and keeps me honest about getting to every 5:30am swim practice.  Crossing the finish and celebrating a 1,2 finish with Jill is something I will cherish forever! I owe a large portion of my win to her!

LE: Being a visible star now, what advice do you have for up and coming athletes like Kate Perry, Kimberly Taylor and Becky Roberts? AB:LOL - I am not sure about 'visible star .... I am still just me' but my advice would be to always give 110%, you just never know what may happen.

LE: So, has this race confirmed that you will you also be chicking James Galbraith in the BMO Vancouver Marathon? AB: LOL - chicking Jamie in a marathon ...... not going to happen .... I will leave that up to Sarah! ;-)

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