Oceanman Relay August 6, 2011

James Galbraith likes the Impulse™ method of training and racing. He also likes to race events with disciplines he has never done. Learn on the job, so to speak. As your faithful ink-wretched scribe, I hauled down to Jericho Sailing Club this past Saturday to watch Jamie race Oceanman.

The event consists of a 1K ocean swim, 5K Kayak, 6K run and 2K standup paddle, with some extra, often unannounced obstacles thrown in. Looks like lots of fun.

This event is contested either by individuals or relay teams. Being that he models for Lululemon, (yes, they claim he just works there) a Lulu relay team was created. Come race day, the team of 4 became a team of 2. A lesser person would have thrown in the yoga mat. Jamie however just took it in stride and decided to do all the events himself except for the run. Of course, not ever having used a paddleboard was not an issue. Learn it on the job.

Jamie must really love swimming, as he spent a lot more time in the water than anticipated. In fact, I would say he explored the far reaches of the course and beyond. Nevertheless, he exited the water with a huge smile, ran across a log, and off to the Kayak with a super fast transition. Aiming his vessel directly towards Vancouver, you knew that Jamie was determined to stay the course.

Handed off to the runner, and time for a brief respite. Jamie, however, oar in hand spent time visualizing his next event, while his faithful Sherpa, Sarah, stood in the water pointing the paddleboard in the right direction.  With lots of vessel traffic on the water, Jamie only took a dip three times as he ardently piloted his paddleboard to the finish.

This event looks tailor made for Leading Edge members, and we should have several teams next year. Jamie has kindly offered to instruct us on the paddleboard.