Iron Mountain Race Report

Alison Thompson and I drove to the boonies also known as deep in the woods Maple Ridge for Iron Mountain. We had our duties clearly assigned, she navigated, I drove. Had I navigated, this report might never have been written. When we arrived we were told to park 3 kilometers away and walk the rest. However, on our trudge in, we did get to see many of our club members in the Olympic Race, I’m sure Stephanie mumbled something motivational and inspiring as she went by in the muck and cold. Jill couldn’t wait and sported the hot new LE jersey.

Somehow, despite a bit of chaos and nasty weather, we picked up our chips, got body marked and set up transition.  Donned wetsuits and in the water for a supposed 10:30AM start.  Warm-up, then warm-up some more, than get tired of warming up. I think we started 30 minutes late. It was warmer in the water than outside.

You know how Yoga practitioners are said to be mellow, calm, Zen-like? Well, Natasha Lowe has been unduly influenced by our combat swims and whacked me a good one. Of course, I immediately filed that away as my excuse when she easily passed me on the bike.  I intend to ask Triathlon BC to look into the rate of concussions in athletes at local events.

Swim for me, despite the concussion, was actually good, could use a bit more focus on rhythm and better sighting. It turns out that I thought transitions were for stopping, get your bearings, and prepare yourself for the challenge ahead. There are grandmothers in town that could transition faster than I did. I mistook Stephanie’s and Allison B exhortations for cheering when they were apparently telling me to get my ass out of there.

Suffered on the bike, and on the run. Halfway through the run, I spied a gentleman with plentiful grey hair who would seem to be in my age group, and passed him towards the end to claim 2nd in 50-59 by 8 seconds. Luckily, I don’t have grey hair ;-)

At the finish, I almost did a Clarke, and Alli B. was poised to record the event, but alas, I could not get it done. Found out after the race that Dominik thought this was a touring event and did a “George”, that is an extra lap. Must be that he loves Lynseys Cervelo so much, he could not bear to leave it. Kudos to Carla Bernat on her first triathlon.

It was great to see all our members do so well, and in less than stellar conditions. Then again, if we wanted an easy race, we would have gone to Victoria.

George Muenz

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