Power circles in the pool!

At the Sunday LE swim session we introduced a coaching technique from canoe-kayak and it had some amazing results!

We introduced the concept of Power Circles an idea first proposed by Dr. Imre Kemecsey, and recycled his coaching tool in swimming.  Now canoe-kayak and swimming are very similar as both sports use complex three dimensional rotations and involve a propulsion and gliding phase.  Oh yeah, and work best with water!

The power circle concept is "relatively simple" concept.  Each power circles is a visual map of the connection between a technical elements (i.e. catch, pull, exit, recovery, kick) and the associated joints, muscles and mental pathways.  The resulting mental map of all of a sport's power circles creates a very robust and flexible web of connections.

We will keep exploring uses of this coaching technique to help LE members learn. Look for power circles in upcoming run and bike sessions.


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