Member Profile - Marie Campbell

Part of the reason I like doing these profiles is that it shows other sides of people we spend a lot of time with, but don't always see the the very interesting, quirky, personalities behind the fast or slow swimmers, the killer bikers or speedy runners. Marie is one of those people that impresses you more in her personality and interests beyond swimming and triathlon. My gut tells me she would have loved Haight Ashbury in the 60s and 70s. Minus the ganja, of course.

Where are you from?

Let's see....   Born in Deep River in the Ottawa Valley.  The hospital no longer exists; they have replaced it with a supermarket. Apparently the area where the maternity ward was is now the produce section of the A & P.   I mostly grew up in South Korea  and Mississauga.  Now I call Vancouver home.

South Korea, why?

My Dad's work and my Mom's patience and traveling know how. My Dad is an Engineer who has worked on the Candu Nuclear Reactors in Pakistan, South Korea and Canada.

What does he think of what is happening in Japan at the moment?

He believes the media has blown it out of proportion and the area will be livable again in time.  If he had his choice he would compare it to Three Mile Island instead of Chernobyl.

What is your profession?

Isn't one supposed to consider answering this question with "curly fry straightener" or "windbreaker"?

I'm a registered nurse, yep...have been for a while and I love it.  I have done both adult and pediatric care in many forms and am working at BC Children's right now on the Cardiology Unit.  I'm privileged to have a window into people’s private moments and the chance to stay current with all the new medical findings and gadgets.  Also, I really enjoy working with cardiac staff, they're quirky, geeky, active and fun loving....great people (much like triathletes).

What is your stance on the 5 second rule?

Go for it, build that immune system if you have one!  However, may I suggest you reconsider if your food has tumbled onto a surface which you may not consider  having  your lips on (thick mud, toilet bowl, inside of shoe, bottom of athletic bag).

What does STAT! mean?

It means...hurry the bleep up!   Actually, it's from the Latin word statim which means immediately.

What are you passionate about?

People, even when they're hangry *

My bed

Travel, Archaeology and Swimming, Triathlon

Problem solving and teaching on the job

Sketching and Art

Creating, taking a good idea and developing something real.

At the moment creating the Triple Crown for Heart ride, July 30th, 2010 (website under construction)

What are you dispassionate about?

In a word?  If you must know, Mucous. Yes, that's right, bunches of snotty nosed kids.  One or two are okay but, really....?  Fugly infested little phlegm factories all of them.

Oh one more thing, how foggy and irritable I can get after a night's a social hazard.

How long have you been in Triathlon?

About 4 years now, wow time goes fast!  In 2007 I asked Coach Andrew to train me for one triathlon and I'm still here!   That conversation however, wasn't the first time I saw him.

When was the first time?

The first time ?  He was standing at the edge of Kits Pool in early summer, with his toes perched over the side of the pool. I was in the water taking a rest at the wall.  I glanced over and found his toenails painted in bright orange staring back at me with impunity. I peered skyward and found an exceptionally bald man obscuring the sun and contemplating his aquatic routine which ensued shortly there after. I thought perhaps I'd asks him where he found such a funky nail polish colour.  Instead, I took off from the wall and beat his tuchus to the end of the pool.  Of course, he was warming up and had no warning of my intention and I was in the middle of a 4 x 137.5 m sprint set and didn't stop to say hi. Alas, it was 7 months later when we met again and he said the following  "welcome to the fold". With the help of so many members of LETC  Jessica, Zosia, Bronwyn, Alison, Alan,  Michelle, Teresa, Clayton, Benny, Stephanie and more, I made it to my first triathlon and through my first season.

What sports were you involved in before triathlon?

Many, but swimming is most exciting. Biking is my second love.  I did synchronized swimming for a year and at the age of 10 informed my mother (while she was cleaning the bathtub) - "Mom, I want to race down the pool, not get in the pool,  stick my legs up in the air and smile".  How's that for trash talk Jill?

Which is your favourite swim? Sasamat, Kits, the ocean? Any swim?

I haven't found my favourite swim yet but must keep looking...

Most in one day: oh, I'm not sure but it's a lot...

Shortest: hot tub.

Fastest Elementary Backstroke 50m: 35.2 sec

Longest Underwater Swim: 75m

Most painful: Jellyfish sting Sado Island, Japan  (the answer is yes, ammonia does take the sting away)

Portuguese Man o' War wrapped on foot, Cairns Australia*

Warmest Natural: Tatopani hotsprings, Nepal

Reddest and sweetest: red soya bean health bath, Kyoto, Japan

Most Shocking: the electrical current bath, Kyoto, Japan

Most Sand ridden: caught in an undertow Brisbane, Australia**

Most Petrifying: my brother Chris snuck up in front of me holding a horseshoe crab.

Most Creepy: found mini crustacean with 6 legs in swim suit, Brisbane, Australia**

Foulest (Code Brown*): Tulum Cenote, Mexico

Longest kick workout straight: 5000m

Best skinny: Mediterranean Sea, N. Africa

Darkest: Spanish Banks at 3 am

Most Triumphant: I beat Mandy (the class bully) in 50m crawl in gym class

Most foolhardy (one "Chief of Regulations for the enforcement division of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada" would agree): swam with a harbour seal in Kits Bay

Most Lucky: with wild Dolphins (also not a good idea apparently):  Santa Cruz, California

Most regular: @ VAC with great company.

Dirtiest: a nameless river in India on a 47 degree day.

Cleanest: my bathtub

Possibly one of the most beautiful: the creek under the Kinsol Trestle at Shawnigan Lake.

Most painful entry: hit diving board after 1 1/4 somersault, home pool Mississauga, Ontario

Favourite stroke: I'm a Fly girl.

** Becky, Austrailia is an exciting place to swim.

Water I still hope to visit:

Bahia Forforescente (Phosphorescent Bay), Puerto Rico where movement in the water starts a phosphorescent reaction by bioluminescent microorganisms.

What has been your most memorable sports experience to date and why?

This one may seem morbid but I'll tell you anyhow.  I remember the day Victor Davis died, November 13, 1989.  I was at the Wayne Gretzky Sport Centre in Brantford, Ontario.  I remember there was an announcement made that afternoon. It was said he has been an organ donor and that up to 7 people were receiving his organs.  I was 15 and didn't realize that organs could be donated to people who needed them. I thought I would be impressive if the recipients could learn to swim half as well as he could! My first job was an organ transplant nurse.

That and doing a 1:05.7 for 100 Fly during CIAU Championships.

Oh and competing in the Vancouver Tri the year after breaking and dislocating my shoulder.  The amount of support and understanding I got from the coaches, athletes and family that year was incredible!

Who are/were your sports heroes?

My most current sports hero is a 76 year old man who completed 100 fly in 2:10 a month ago and got out of the water without assistance. I'd also have to add Alec Baumann for swimming.  He was a fair competitor, Olympian and  is a solid coach who hasn't stopped learning.  Terry Fox for running.  Lisa Bentley for triathlon.  Oh and one more, an 8 year old girl who had heart surgery "when she was young" (her own words) and just last summer walk-ran her first 5k.

Anyone who has the fortitude to strive, compete and live with humility, grace and humour.

What advice do you have for LETC swim newbies?

Your goggle fit is VERY personal. Try many on before buying. Don't be attracted by the bling (even though I think Dave Pool's goggles are really stylin'!). Listen to your eyes.

Also, Alan (along with the other coaches) knows what he's talking about. Please don't be put off by all the details. In the end the details will get you there and he will be really excited and perhaps jump around on deck when you have an AHHHH moment.  Great to see! Thanks Andrew, Alan, Amy and Barb!

What gossip can you tell us about the goings on at Wildflower Camp?

Gossip?  Eew.

Do you mean the crazed wild turkeys that roam the campground at 5 o'clock in the morning? They stomp their feet wildly and flap their wings trying to get their groove on with their Mrs. This is known as the Lake San Antonio Turkey Trot. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom at it's best.

Well, Wildflower is an incredible trip.  The camp ground is beautiful, the rides fantastically challenging.  Along the cycle routes you'll see incredible countryside, llamas, eagles or buzzers and perhaps a wild hog or two.   On one of the hills Coach Andrew hit 88km (on the backside of NASTY, the legendary 10% grade "hill" we ride up).

Lynch hill is legendary as well, it's a vicious little hill about 50m from transition.   There's a welcoming general store where we stop for pizza and a drink. The camp itself is laid back and a good place to train. learn, unwind and get some vitamin D.  This year it sounds like we have a great group going!

What do LETC members not know about you?

See favourite swim question above...


Code Brown: Poop

Fugly:  Really Ugly

Hangry: Hungry and therefore Angry