Member Profile - Sarah Brown

Once in a while, each of us is fortunate to meet someone that exudes good vibes and a radiant/always on real smile. That is Sarah Brown. Be it at 5:30AM Dolphins, hard spin sessions, searing track workouts, torturous brick sessions, her smile is so infectious, it makes you feel good and alive, even some of us older crotchety folks.

Where are you from?

Vancouver, Canada

What is your profession?

English Teacher

What are your passions?

Triathlon, running in the sunshine and going for a beer, cycling for hours until I can’t walk, traveling, cooking and reading.

How long have you been in Triathlon?

3 years

What sports were you involved in before triathlon?

Running and more running!

Where does that fiercely competitive spirit hiding behind that smile come from?

I love the feeling of pushing myself to the ultimate max, which can help on race day when I see my competition and realize I may have it in me somewhere to catch them. If not, the hard training still pays off and it’s hard not to smile and think, “Hey I’m out here being fit and active and feeling good, and there is no where else I’d rather be!”

What has been your most memorable sports experience to date and why?

Tour de Timor 2009. Jamie asked me to join him in East Timor for a 5-day, 450km stage biking race in the mountains. With 300 competitors from 12 countries, over 100 registered media and the largest level of Timorese participation in any event of the young country’s history, this was an event to remember. We bought mountain bikes and persevered through grueling elevations, rivers, rocky terrain and potholes the size of cars. It was by far the most I have ever hurt on the bike especially on day 4 as we climbed to the highest point of the tour (1900m) and I literally cried my way to the top of a mountain to find Jamie waiting for me eating a Toblerone bar with the race crew!

Who are/were your sports heroes?

Emma Snowsill, Lisa Bentley, Lance Armstrong

We understand that you are planning to race IMC. Tell us about it, and how your Sherpa is training for his role on the day.

Well I am following Coach Andrew’s schedule as close as possible..word for word, minute for minute. If he tells me to get out of the pool early or hold off on a run after spinning..I do it! It has been an exciting journey so far and I have the LETC team to thank for that 

I definitely couldn’t do this without my training buddies..already we have been through grueling 5am workouts with Dolphins, long rides in the rain, mentally draining track workouts and hill repeats but on the flip side we are there to cheer each other on and give each other a pat on the back when we most need it. As for my Sherpa..all I need to know is he will be waiting for me at that finish line enjoying a Toblerone!

What do LETC members not know about you?

I just love the makes everything and everyone a little brighter

Number 1929 about to get chicked, but in a nice way!