Member Profile - Becky Roberts

Profiles to date have been of veteran LETC members. Today we bring you one about someone who comes to us from the other side of the world. Becky has that angelic Florence Nightingale nurse look which makes her salty language quite funny. If you read between the lines of her profile, you will deduce that she likes beer.

Where are you from and what can you tell us Canucks about it? Is the famous Darwin beer-can regatta along the lines of Ironman Canada for triathletes?

I’m from Darwin, Australia. Darwin is located top and center on the map. With its tropical climate and only two seasons (wet and dry) it is stinking hot and humid most of the time. 23 degrees was considered very cold.

Darwinites are known for being pretty chilled out and drinking loads of beer. The Darwin beer can regatta is quite the famous event for the locals. People drink loads of beer then make a floating device which they have to sit in out of the empty beer cans. They then have a race to see who can travel the furthest out to sea. Typically the device sinks within a couple of meters; people cheer and drink more beer. So yes, the regatta is quite the hard core event.

How long have you been in Canada?

6 years. I had planned on 2 but fell in love with Vancouver and have stayed. Ultimately I still want to live back in Australia.

What brought you here other than Vancouver being awesome and Canadians too?

I knew very little to nothing about Vancouver before I moved here. It had been a dream of mine for some years to live somewhere cold to see what it was like, I choose Canada. I picked Vancouver simply because I thought the weather would be more tolerable for this Darwin girl then say Yellow Knife.

I guess I just got lucky that Vancouver happens to be the most beautiful, fun filled city ever!!!

What is your profession?

Registered Nurse but no shift work for this lucky duck.

What was your sports background?

I come from a family of Field Hockey players. I also played Netball but that sport doesn’t even exist in Canada.

What is your favourite sport

Favourite sport to watch – cricket (Note to Canadians. It's the rest of the worlds version of curling)

Favourite sport to play – walk soccer. This is soccer with two rules, you must walk and you must have an alcoholic beverage in hand.

How long have you been in triathlon and how did you get into it?

Unemployment lead me on my triathlon adventure.

On arrival to Vancouver I could not work for the three months due to work visa restrictions. It was a frustrating experience as I had a job but couldn’t work and money was tight. Anyway a guy from the field hockey club that I joined kindly gave my husband, Peter and I a bike. One of us would ride to the pool, the other would run. We would both swim, and we would swap on the way home. I thought it was kinda fun and signed up for the Vancouver Sprint Triathlon in 2005. Training for this race kept me sane in an otherwise tough time in my life.

How did you hook up with LETC.

I had heard good things about the club from a number of people. I was previously a member of Pacific Spirit Tri Club but they just weren’t doing it for me so I made the change and can’t tell you how happy I am with my decision. I’m loving LETC.

What is your most memorable personal sports experience (other than regularly gapping Cavers in the pool)

UUMM…….I have two.

  1. Beating my husband on his ride in the Victoria ½ iron. He is a much better rider then I but I beat him by 30 seconds. I don’t care that he got a flat tyre……….I beat his ass. (We can get a little competitive at times).
  2. Riding in Cycle4Sam. This was an 8 day, 1150 km bike ride across South Australia that my brother in law organized to raise money for palliative children in Australia. It was the most physically and mentally gruelling task I have accomplished and for such a wonderful cause. My nephew Sam had died of a rare genetic disease, when times were tough on the bike we just channelled Sam’s energy and pushed on.

What events do you have planned for 2011. Arafura Games, perhaps?

George you surprise me with your knowledge of Darwin Sporting events, very impressive.

I have multiple races planned for the year but my big, enormous, somewhat overwhelming at times goal race is Ironman Canada. I can’t wait to kick its butt.

Have you told Stephanie and Amy about real water threats you faced like Saltwater Crocodiles and deadly box jellyfish?

No, but am happy to share my stories of wrestling with crocs in my youth for those who would care to listen.

Did you take Cranberries up on their promotional offer to LETC members?

Not yet but I will. I have been to Cranberries before Kristie’s generous offer and it gets the big thumbs up from me.

Aussie or Canadian beer?

Aussie. I’m patriotic and would have said that even if Aussie beer was crap.

Becky loves Winter