Member Profile - Chris Manore

In the zaniness of the first few bike rides I did with LETC, with a cast of characters such as Clayton, Stan R, Teresa, Bronwyn and Alison, a quiet gentlemen who rarely spoke but when he did it was with a sombre wicked dry wit, would stand out. That's Chris Manore. In training and in races, he is cool and calm as can be. He is also very knowledgable about all things in the deep sea, so read on.

Where are you from?

Originally from Halifax, came to Vancouver via Cornwallis NS, Washington DC, Ottawa, Moscow, Switzerland and London UK.  What a long, strange trip it's been.

Have you ever been to Vanderhoof? They say it can be lovely at some point in the year.


What is your profession?

I like to think of my profession as "sloth," but that doesn't pay the bills so I fill my days as the Chief of Regulations for the enforcement division of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  A grand title for the guy who opens and closes fishing areas.

You know about fish and denizens of the sea. Do seals bite swimmers in wetsuits?

Oh, yes.  Our most common local species, P. vitulina or Slasher Seal, is a slavering monster with huge gnashing teeth that is especially fond of fast swimmers. I've attached at picture of the beast in a typical attack posture to help members identify it in those last moments before it strikes.

Tell us the story of your bike at your first IMC. bike decided I was pushing it too hard, so it went on strike.   Ya, ya that's it.

Well not really.  I got caught in traffic in the rollers at 90 km, did an emergency downshift and snapped the derailleur hanger.  Day over.

Complete it with the story of how that bike was replaced.

After IMC I was looking at bikes online (purely as a recreational pastime) and came across a local P2 in the right size.  I gazed longingly at it a good two or three (hundred) times, on the verge but never taking the plunge.  Then it disappeared and I thought opportunity lost, wallet saved.  Months went by and we went away for Christmas; when we got back, there was a shrouded figure lurking in the living room--the P2 that my wife had bought and hidden at her sister's.  Complete surprise, beautiful wife, and beautiful bike.  Same tired old engine.

What was your sports background?

I did a bit of most everything that didn't require running--swimming, water polo, skiing, gymnastics (!), volleyball, track (the throwing stuff, not the running bits).  Then sloth set in (see "Profession" above).

How did you get into triathlon?

I decided that I needed to do some sort of weight-bearing exercise, the easiest of which to get into are running and weight lifting.  As the only thing I dislike more than running is weight lifting I chose running.  But I knew that without a target to strive for I wouldn't keep at it so I had to have a goal.  Did I do the smart thing and set my goal as "Do the Sun Run. This year and next!" No.  I decided that I had to knacker myself swimming and riding before running, or it really didn't count.  Talk about daft (see "Profession" above).

When did you join LETC?

This is my third season with the club, learning just how slow I really am compared with actual athletes.

What is your most memorable moment in triathlon?


It's been hard to tell which you love more, Cypress or Seymour.

How about neither.  A gentleman of my advanced years shouldn't be expected to lug himself and a bike to the summit of a topographical oddity in the name of fitness or pleasure.  I don't mind coming down at a controlled and genteel pace, but I'm not built to climb.

What is your favourite bike ride? Your favourite race?

My favourite ride is one taken with friends where we all finish tired, pleased with our effort and glad we shared a few hours together.  Favourite race is all of them that don't have DNF after my name.

Do you think your new 55-59 age group will be tougher than the one you just left? Will the mirror on your bike help?

When I aged up this year I thought I'd have it made in the shade, the young(ish) buck in with all the old guys, getting away from that speed demon Clayton.  Then I realized that I was entering the domain of Dave "The Gazelle" Taylor and George 'The Destroyer" Muenz.  Maybe I'll go back to the Sun Run as motivation....  The mirror would be very helpful to watch these two tracking me down, except they move so fast and it takes my aged eyes so long to focus that they'll be by and gone in a cloud of dust before I can yell "Showoff!"

What don't LETC members know about you?

I have no sense of humour.  And I never tell the truth.