Member Profile - Amy Saari-Roth

Amy is that smart, talented kid/adult that everyone loved/loves. Sure, she came from Oakville, and she hasn’t told you that there is no wrong side of the tracks there; it’s just rich people on both side of the tracks (if you don't count Bronte). However, as we know, she loves to play in the mud just like the rest of us - if not more since her cyclocross debut and eagerness for the Spartan Run in May.

Yes, it’s also true that Amy is the favourite coach of those in LE newbie lanes and the one who brings us cookies on swim benchmark week.

Where are you from?

Oakville, a snotty little town outside of Toronto.  Watch it - I can so bring the Oakville attitude if needed.

Have you ever been to Vanderhoof? They say it can be lovely at some point in the year.

Vanderwho? Don't they let horses through the drive-through there?

What was your sports background?

I swam as a kid but when it became 9 or 10 sessions a week I decided that there were other things out there that I wanted to do too. Like violin (yup nerd alert) and track and field. And not spending my Easter egg hunt at the pool. It made the chocolate taste funny.

How did you get into triathlon?

I got tired of being a gym rat and needed a change and a challenge other than Advanced Bounce and Tone. And since I don't do winter or sports involving balls, triathlon it was. That was back in Ontario. When I came out here it was much the same story.

When did you join LETC?

2006. Uh. To take some time to focus on me. Yeah. Let's say that.

Did you meet Brian at LETC?

Yup at my first practice. It was one of those love at first sight things. Seriously. The fact that he likes pink was icing on the cake. Pink cake. Mmmmm cake.

(Ed. They had a triathlon at their wedding and  their honeymoon was watching IMC, live, in Penticton) (Original Author ed. And where we were cover models for the Osoyoos visitors guide)

What is your most memorable moment in triathlon?

The Self-indulgence triathlon after the Team Pink wedding. With all the Team Pink tank tops and victories.

Or, maybe winning that bike at Delta.

How many bikes do you own?

Currently? 2 and one on the way. That’s right! I'm expecting! It's an Orbea but not sure of the sex, though I have a feeling it'll be a girl.

Until the fall I had 4: my Guru TT bike, a Rocky Mountain cyclocross bike, a Quintana Roo (my first tri bike), and a Brodie cross country bike. The last two are gone. I think it's because Brian only had two and he was having envy.

I know you have issues with ocean swims because of the Things in the Deep. So, if Amy and Stephanie go swimming in the ocean, who watches out for seals?

Since I don't have a wetsuit right now I guess that would be me watching out for those scary creatures of the deep. Seals have teeth! Have you not seen March of the Penguins!!

Tell us about your music

I've played violin since I was 7 when my Nana gave me my first violin. I have also spent time playing the flute, oboe, trumpet, and my newest thing is the ukulele (not ready to go public with that yet). I teach violin too. But with ALL of my spare time I only have enough for one student. But it gives me a reason to play so that's all I need for now.

What don't LETC members know about you?

Lots. Let's see...

Clumps of hair and lint and dust make me gag.

I have an intense dislike of the vacuum.

I like having my head petted.

I can nap at the drop of a hat.

Hmmm all of that really confirms that I was a cat in a former life.

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