Why Riding Outside Rocks!

As George may have mentioned on the new Leading Edge Facebook page (more details on that coming soon), a few of us brave souls decided on Saturday to embrace the motto, '...in Vancouver there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing'. So while George, Tash and the crew were spinning and rocking out to Eye of the Tiger, we were outside and embracing full Rocky-style training!  Highlights include:

Strength Building: Nothing like some headwind that try and push you backwards to build up those quads. Barb, we put our pace-line training to good use, so thanks!

Spa-Like Skin Treatments: We all enjoyed a nice mud facial (way to forget fenders Jill and Fred), followed by a nice downpour facial cleanse. The grit still stuck on our teeth, that's just a bonus

Bike Handling Skills: Did you indoor riders get to practice evasive maneuvers on Saturday? We sure did! Kudos to Sarah, Matt and Chris for avoiding a German Shepard who had a taste for carbon.

Team Bonding: Despite the rain, the crazy drivers, the wind, the smells and our hands going numb we managed to all stick it out and have a great time. Everyone pulled each other along, talked some smack, yelled out encouragement and made sure everyone finished the crazy ride in one piece. So Justine, Chris, Fred, Matt and Sarah, give yourselves a pat on the back for one excellent Saturday morning.

So why ride outside? As Fred so eloquently put it, 'Well, because it's fun of course'. So next Saturday grab your appropriate clothing, listen to some Eye of the Tiger as you prep your Gatorade and get ready to experience the awesomeness that is rising outside. Unless, of course, George can provide a compelling reason to head indoors...

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