It's 5:30AM and I'm in the pool!

Yes, another newbie story for you LETC members who have no idea and don't care to know what 5:30AM looks like in Vancouver. In my leisurely dips into the pool last year at the somewhat saner times of 7:00AM , I saw many members of LE in the Dolphins swim group. Despite barely doing 600 meters per session then, I decided that one day, I too would be powering my way alongside Clayton and Mirabelle. 5:30AM, start? No problem, I'm an early riser. I forgot that in order to swim at 5:25, I had to get up at 4:40. I could not continue to lead a life of all night partying like some of our East Van members if I was to get serious about swimming. It's fun seeing many of our club members with bed hair, something I never worry about.

Coach Andrew warned me to stay in the slowest lane. Right, like Dale was going to stick me with Stephanie, Rob E and Coach Alan! We do have a good crew in Lane 1. Yes, we see the looks we get from the "real swimmers" in Lane 2, but we are a determined bunch. I am the only LE representative in Lane 1 and I bear that responsibility well.

Lo and behold, I am NOT the slowest swimmer in the whole group. Well, I am when it comes to kick sets, but that's probably due to my very muscular and weighty legs.

The first few sessions I was unjustly accused of spending too much time at the wall (we know that never happens) but I was trying to decipher what 3 x (4X50SC, DS, DI) meant among all the other gibberish on the board. Luckily, there are some in our lane who can actually see and read the board.

We also seem to understand that the times and recovery on the board are merely recommendations for our lane, and we should take the initiative of deciding on our own how fast to swim and how long to rest. Unfortunately, Dale seems to have caught on, and it now spending too much time at our end of the pool. Can't he see that Jill N and Amy K are just begging for stroke refinement technique coaching? Can't he see that Fred Chapman is confused about going counter clockwise here in Canada?

At 7:00 the general public is allowed in, forcing us Lane 1 swimmers way over into Lane 3. I must say, the regular denizens of that lane hide their shock well. Sarah B, however, welcomes us with her usual smile.

Somehow this morning I ended up with fins marked with the name Mary. They are my size, so I might keep them. If people ask, I'll say it's supposed to say Mark, after Spitz, but the marker slipped. I never thought I would say this, but I love swimming. Well, I do, except for the Sunday morning time trials. Now, if they were held at 5:30AM..........

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