Athlete Development at LE

As LE members are discovering, for 2011 we are offering training programs that are targeting where sport fits in your lifestyle.  In an attempt to keep it simple for this trial season we have three programs for you to chose from. For new to triathlon and sport participants we have our White Program (look past the black lettering...)

For the returning athletes who train hard most of the year and then put sport on the back burner for a few months until January rolls around, the Blue Program.

And for those on a structured program training year round, The Green Program.

If you are not sure what program to follow- take a few minutes to read the Leading Edge Long Term Athlete Development model page.  If you still have questions, ask one of the coaches for some sit down time to figure out where you are in your triathlon career!

The colours mean absolutely nothing, aside from being the new LE colours!  With other names such as Bunnies, Kittens and Puppies we thought there would be some self-esteem and self-image issues to clean up... ;-)


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