Members Night Awards

Monday January 24, 2011 saw a great evening for LE members. Thanks to super organization by Natasha Moore and Gabrielle Bickel, we had great food, drinks, cheesecake etc. Another brilliant idea was to have those who were recognized with the following awards, have to chase down new members who were holding their coveted awards. It didn't take Stephanie Keefer long to chick her male competitors even in this event, as she proudly displayed her bottle of Maudit beer. I had to point out to her that this was not Kokanee water but 8% Alcohol.  Our sponsors were out and offered great draw prizes as well as gift cards for all members from RunInn. Thanks Speed Theory, RunInn, Janet Harrison Physio, Vancouver West Chiropractic.


  • LE Outstanding Volunteer Awards: LE recognized the tireless volunteer work done on behalf of LE by two key volunteers. These two will receive unique LE jerseys with a golden logo to identify them as club builders and amazing volunteers;

◦                                Mary Battell

◦                                Bronwyn Masson

  • Most improved swimmer: Barton Pietras progressed from "at risk" lifeguard's delight in open water events to easily making the IMC swim cut off with more time to spare than he knew what to do with!
  • Most improved cyclist: "Tall" Jeff Manson moved from being a middle of the pack rider his first year to king of the LE 16 km time trials by season's end, and within seconds of the men's 16 km TT record!
  • Most improved runner: Clayton Reichert has steadily improved his run technique and form through hard work and dedication over the past few seasons, and shows no signs of easing up!
  • Olympic/short course male: Rob Johnson moved up from sprint distance specialist in his first season to solid Olympic Distance contender in 2010.  Rob capped his season with a 9th place finish at the 2010 ITU Sprint World in Hungary
  • Olympic/short course female: Stephanie Kieffer- need we say more? Dominated the Canadian Olympic Distance age group landscape again in 2010, finishing with an overall win at Canadian National Championships and a 3rd at ITU Worlds- look for her in Beijing in 2011 as she looks to reclaim her crown in a new age group!
  • Long course male: Rick Graham fought a long and hard season on the long course circuit with his eye on IM Canada.  Freezing temperature and hypothermia denied him that goal, but he is now even more focused in 2011
  • Long course female: LE's 70.3 Pro athlete Amy Kirkham served notice that she was not just a long course rookie in 2010, she upset some solid and well known top long course pros in her opening season, look out for 2011
  • Most consistent performer: Bronwyn Masson races sprints, Olympic, long course and IM events in 2010 and is always tirelessly training away.  Her solid performances in 2010 earned her the LE most consistent performer recognition