Member Profile: Bronwyn Masson

Bronwyn was recently recognized for her significant volunteer work for LETC. Due to a previous engagement, she was unable to attend the awards ceremony, and the award was accepted on her behalf by her agent, and co-conspirator, Teresa. What people might not know is that Bronwyn has a wicked sense of humour, and a long bike ride with her results in oxygen debt due to extreme bouts of laughter.

Where are you from? Kerepehi New Zealand. A small dairy farming town (At the 2001 Census, they had 501 people)

How long have you been in Vancouver? 25 years

How long have you been in Triathlon? 6 years

What were the sports in which you participated in the past? Netball

Being an Accountant, can you tell us if Triathlon is a financially prudent pastime? It will make me live longer to pay the bills.

Do you understand Canadians obsession with curling? Absolutely, it's the beer and kegs outside.

How many times have you climbed Cypress? On my bike? Far too many times but coming down not enough.

How many of those climbs was Teresa glued to your wheel? She was way ahead of beefy Bronwyn.

What races do you have planned for 2011? IMNZ that is why I am one of the few people who do the run after the spin also the Nationals cause we want to go to NZ in Oct 2012.

How many of those races feature Teresa as well? We are not joined at the hip although some days people may wonder.

What do LETC members not know about you? Many things. I am a scorpio with lots of secrets

How did you come about your fearless Kamikaze approach to downhill biking? No fear & growing up in a area that is flatter than Richmond.

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