My first swim camp

In the interest of sucking less at the Leading Edge swim sessions this year, I signed up for the English Bay Swim Club mini camp this week, which were 2 sessions of 1.5 hours and one of an hour. At $5.00 a session, it seemed like a pretty good deal. Get in there for a few days and soon, I’ll be in the lane with Marie and Stephanie. NOT! I show up on day one and soon realized that I was in trouble when I saw that all the participants were totally shaved and not just the women. These were swimmers. I asked if there was a lane for people slower than slow. So, they put me in a lane with Amanda who has done a ton of Ironman races.

I had heard of IM, but did not really know what that entailed. Turns out we were doing butterfly and backstroke as well. Hey, I’m trying to learn freestyle here! Amanda showed me a neat one-armed version of the fly, and I’m sure the swim coaches peed themselves laughing at the “triathletes” They also have a neat trick I had not seen before. A two sided blackboard. You see one part of the workout, but no idea what awaits you on the other side.

Day one was only 1800 meters, though it was a bit of a shock to the system.

Day 2 brought a new instructor. Great, she looks kind and helpful. I have a feeling though that she might be weak at math as the 14 X 100 that were part of the main set sure seemed to take a long time. 3500 meters for the night, which was my longest swim ever.  We used so many swim toys; Fisher Price could have sponsored our workout.

My shoulder was aching the next day, thankfully the foam roller helped.

Day 3. Yet another new instructor, a young lady. The blackboard was filled with so many numbers it looked like a rerun of Good Will Hunting. She explained to me SLOWLY that it was a series of IM with drills. So, faux butterfly, weaving backstroke, breast and free totaling 2800 meters.

With swims on my own earlier in the week and on Friday, the total for 7 days was 11K. That’s more than I ran for the week.

So, Marie and Stephanie, no worries, there will be no slow old guys in your lane.

George Muenz

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