Saturday ride November 27

It looked like it was going to be a 'snow day' but turned out to be dry, sunny, with only a few reminders of Thursday at the side of the road.  It is the time of year to work on technique and strength so riders were up for the drills, knowing that what they did was going to make a huge impact on their riding in 2011. Group ride, paceline for warmup out to Iona, then back to MacDonald Beach for the main set.  Drills consisted of 30 -45 sec of hard effort in small ring followed by recovery in big ring, then big ring over the same distance followed by recovery in small ring.  6 reps of each.

On the sidelines it was looking at body position on the bike, movement up and down, as well as ability to maintain the leg speed or leg tension through the exercise.  The overload creates training effect - simply put, you will get stronger.  That along with efficiency will provide the speed we're all looking for.  Not that elusive, once you put in the effort.

Paceline return, then one leg drills before hammering up the bridge for one last effort before coffee!  Great to see the energy, 101%! and looking for that next week on the north shore; 9:30 Saturday at Park Royal north (Bread Garden).

Coached cycling sessions available to all Leading Edge members, contact Barb at  Drop in $20  through December.

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