LETC this week

The LETC season finishes this week for 2010...

For those  with late season tri OR running goals- talk to the coaches for any guidance you may need!

After September, LETC coached workouts take a break until January.  You can still run with the group Thursdays (extra fee as it is no longer an LETC program) until late December and join in uncoached rides on Saturdays.  If you're looking for a swim group talk to the coaches to help you find a good fit for your skill and fitness level.

LETC coaches are preparing programs and plans for 2011 at LETC!  Rumours include an option to have more coached sessions, more spin sessions in the winter and a fall spin session.  Check back for updates!

If you are thinking about signing on for personal coaching in 2011 consider doing so earlier rather than later!

Still not sure where a workout is located? Check the MAP and scan the legend for the workout location.

  • Wednesday September 29: 5:45 PM @Jericho Sailing Centre for easy group ride- earlier start time as it gets dark too early!
  • Thursday September 30: 6:30 PM run @Jericho East- by lifeguard station for Orienteering Intervals Night!
  • Saturday October 2: 9:00 AM uncoached bike ride from Bean around the World on Cornwall