My first triathlon. Vancouver Tri Sprint September 6, 2010

Results are not up yet, though I know that Martina won Olympic, and Teresa and Bronwyn were first and second respectively in Olympic 50-55 Age Group. I will post full results as soon as they are available. So, what to write for this mornings race report?

It has been strange to contemplate doing this race. I almost never did an event as a participant it was always a race. Knowing that my run fitness was very weak, I had to approach this as a participant and do the best I can for my first one and enjoy the experience. Thanks to Coach Andrew for trying to teach me patience to learn how to swim and deal with injuries and other obstacles as they have arisen.

I was up at 1:00AM then again at 2:00AM. Went for a coffee, napped a bit more and was at the race course at around 5:00AM! Did get a great parking spot.

First a huge thanks to all the volunteers, it’s not easy standing there for hours in the rain. Thanks Mary for handling the tough bike mount area; this was a difficult job to ensure that people getting onto the bike course did not run into those coming down fast towards the turn and onto another loop. Don’t let her diminutive size fool you; she was in charge there!

Weather was ok, a bit drizzly at this point, but nothing difficult. Watching the Olympic distance race was quite funny. Due to low tides, it seems that those swimmers spent as much time walking as swimming. It was almost like a religious procession towards and around the turnaround buoy.

Before the swim, met Amy Saari Roth, who was a GREAT calming influence on me. Thanks Amy!

Our wave started a bit later, and the tides had come in a bit, so we did not have to walk/run as much. I tried to start just a bit behind the front. Nevertheless, in the early going, could not move much due to the mass of people, some doing breast stroke! Did eventually get going, and swim felt great the whole way, and I was passing people the whole time. Again thanks to my open water swim crew, Alison, Teresa, Valencia for your support this season. No whales were spotted during the swim.

With a somewhat long run out to transition, I was quite relaxed. Put on arm warmers, socks and bike shoes. By this time it was raining harder. Realized that despite getting there so early, I had forgotten to start my bike computer. No matter, I knew that it was just a matter of going hard, but carefully as there were lots of people on the course and it was wet. Knowing the loop well helps. I went strong on the loop but pushed hard on Prospect Point Hills. Passed a lot of people. It actually was not as congested as I expected, but was cautious due to conditions, and learned later that people had crashed. Avoided going into aero bars much, wanted to balance speed with caution.

In transition again, changed socks and into running shoes and out we go.

I was worried about the run, as I had not been able to run for a month, and in general this has been a weak point all year. However, it felt good and I kept it steady during the run. Again, did not hammer it, as I was not sure how the legs would hold up, but was pleasantly surprised. Time was slow, but effort was good.

Ended up 4th in my Age Group 55-59, 3rd was a guy from Calgary whose bike was on my rack and had done numerous triathlons.

So, for the first one, it was actually a very good experience.