Hills vs Flats

Rumour has it there there were heated exchanges this weekend between select LETC members on racing hills vs flats. Comments like wuss and pain threshold were bandied about. Race of Truth vs Queen of the Mountain. Wiser heads prevailed and a truce of sorts was declared. As this debate was primarily among the younger generation in the club, it's up to the elders to pass on their wisdom and help settle this debate once and for all. Yes, Time Trial is tough, but no one ever died during one. However, there have been several fatalities during the mountain portions of races. There were a lot of track cyclists who died back in the day, thats what riding without brakes will do. True, no one has died, literally, going up Cypress. So, how then do you settle this debate?

Well, when climbing, if you stop pedalling, you go backwards.

It's well known that races are won in the mountains. When Cancellara or Zabriskie win the Tour, we can revisit this topic.

Fire away!