mid-August mis-à-jour

This week starts an important phase for many LETC athletes as we head into the last few weeks before Nationals and Ironman Canada Many of you are now in taper of some sort, less volume and more pace work/intensity.  At this time, you may feel the need to fill your extra time that used to be used for training 100's of km. However, it is important NOT to fill your newly found spare time or use your energy on other things such as taking up new sports, excessive walking/shopping, deciding to bike commute to work, partying (more than usual), etc.  Use the time to rest up and relax, take care of your injuries by seeing your physio or massage therapist, getting more sleep, repairing and preparing your equipment, etc.  NOW is the time for addressing all those little details and dealing with distractions (i.e. work, family, friends, etc.) that can interfere with your performance at this important time of the triathlon season.

Not sure where a workout is located? Check the MAP and scan the legend for the workout location

Wednesday August 11: 6:30 PM combo bike-run at Iona Spit- park at the far end near the jetty heading out into the 'Straight

Thursday August 12: 6:30 PM run@UBC meet at Pacific Spirit Park HQ. We'll be at UBC for 6:45 ish for those meeting us there

Saturday August 14: 8:00 AM Uncoached bike ride from Bean around the World on Cornwall -OR- VOWSA open water swim at Kit's Beach (see VOWSA site for more info- an excellent option for those attending Nationals, Ironman or Worlds... and those looking for more open  water swim experience)

Sunday August 15: 8:00 AM @ Sasamat Lake for training tris ~400 m swim / 12 km bike / 800 m run.  Meet down on White Pine Beach- can't miss us look for all the bikes and rubber clad people. NOTE- if bikes and leather- wrong group... but may be easier workout.

Upcoming events

August 14- Kit's Challenge 750-1.5-3-6 km open water swim

    August 22- Kelowna Apple Tri Olympic Distance Nationals

    August 29-

    • Ironman Canada
    • Cycling BC Provincial TT champs

    September 6- Vancouver Tri

    September 11- Whistler Gran Fondo

    September 12-

    • Cultus Lake
    • Mt Baker 542 hill climb