Cyswog 'n' Fun Triathlon August 1, 2010

As reported by Doneen. It's actually been around for 28 years (I just learned this) but only recently part of TriBC.

There is a short and long course - I did the long course 1k swim, 44k bike and 10k run. The swim was in Kootenay Lake (which is really a river) with a deceiving and unpredictable current. Bike was a 2 loop course along the highway between Nelson and Balfour, Kootenay Lake/River on one side, mountains on the other, rolling hills and a couple of climbs. Run had some crazy a** hills!

If you can handle the drive, Nelson is a neat little city (very long drive but pretty the first time you do it). Great food, coffee, shopping...and people watching. My mom lives here so I combined the race with my holidays. It was the first time she's seen a triathlon and had a great time cheering....although slightly embarrassing for me...I learn that she likes to cheer :)

Swim 23:48 Bike 1:37:19 Run 55:40

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