Race against the clock: How I learned to love the Time Trial

Inspired by the Tour de France, LETC conducts a bike Time Trial once a month. Sporting skintight body suits showcasing our chiseled physiques, space age teardrop helmets meant to wring the last ounce of aerodynamic efficiency, we wait poised on the ramp as the seconds wind down. Ok, we don’t have the ramp, have to talk to the Board about that. On the command, riders speed off, tucked into their aero bars, with grim determination etched on their faces, taking care not to look down at their rear cogs, a no-no at LETC. As you whiz by unsuspecting cyclists on their way to best left unmentioned hedonistic Wreck Beach pursuits, you can hear the athletes muttering their mantra “Full pedal stroke and when is Stephanie going to pass me”

Unlike the pros, you have to pray that you are not stopped by one of several traffic lights on the route, or a pickup truck turning from Spanish Banks unto Chancellor who’s driver has not been advised that highly trained athletes are turning themselves inside out on the course.

Coming back, one never hoped as much to see the speed  signs warning of ever decreasing limits. The sweat pouring into your Oakleys obscures the signs, was that a 60, or the blessed 50, an indication that you are almost done.

Did I say almost done? Yes, the pros do an ITT and then go to meet the media before sitting down to a catered dinner post massage. LETC however, often likes to add a Team Time Trial to the menu, so that you can learn to be strong off the bike and onto the bike. Coaches A and A considerately offer time to puke before sending you on your merry way,

The one consolation is that as you get better, you spend less time in the pain zone.

What’s not to love?