Pies on Bikes!

Some of you may have noticed a shocking couple of names absent from the Peach Finishers List. Yes, Teresa and Bronwyn did NOT race each other this past weekend. Instead, and this comes from impeccable sources, they went for a gentle ride in the countryside, did some llama watching, and then settled in for beer and pretzels. Yes, they claimed to have gone for a run off the bike, and our source did see them wearing running shoes, but they did look fairly relaxed upon their return some 20 minutes later. Have these two fierce competitors mellowed to the point where there is now grudging respect in the manner of two boxers who have pounded each other for multiple rounds, neither giving an inch? Will their aero-bar carbon bikes soon be replaced with cruisers outfitted with baskets for blueberry picking in the Valley? Will we soon see a Bronwyn & Teresa Gourmet Pies spreading across the Lower Mainland?

Our source tells us however, that there was no lack of aggressive riders on this so-called frolic. Jacque-Lynn Johnson driving the peleton; Doneen easily winning the sprint primes, while Alison bided her time to make her Contador-like move on the last hill on the Barnet Highway. Meanwhile Chris Manore and Valencia sat back bemused by all the shenanigans. Ironman training indeed!

Watch this space