Volunteer impressions at the Subaru Triathlon.

Today was the first time I volunteered at a triathlon and actually the first time I've seen one live. I was on the bike course across from the Chan Centre parking so did not see the washing machine that was the swim. Its interesting to see the riders on what I consider to be "our" course. Some impressions: Hard to recognize people you know with helmets on. Time for personalized name tags? Of course, Teresa was easy to recognize, she's smiling the whole ride and having a grand old time. Bronwyn went by with a bemused look on her face that seemed to be saying "La La here I am again racing around in Spandex" Martina must have gone by too fast as I never did see her. Alison looked like she was smiling, but I was informed later on that it was a determined grimace. Marie had the game face on, she was hunting prey. Chris Manore seemed to be the calmest guy in the race, just going about his business, getting the job done, no need for dramatics. Stephanie had that "No way my sister is getting near me today" look, no time for chitchats with the volunteers today! It was great to see our club members out there and I would love to do this race next year.

Most drivers were very cooperative with the marshalls,  however, there are always a few nut jobs and we had a few of those. I just gave them my best Blue Steel look, and they caved. Well done LETC!