Rachel McBride wins Yaletown Grand Prix!

It was McBride's first win in a major race. She's a former triathlete who's only in her second full year of serious bike racing. She won the hill climb at the Tour de White Rock in 2008 and decided to pursue cycling more seriously. It's her first full season as a full team member with the Glotman Simpson squad.

But she looked like a seasoned veteran Thursday, getting away alone on an early break. Guloien, with the Total Restoration team, hunted her down but the two were never challenged. Maple Ridge mountain bike rider Jean Ann McKirdy of Local Ride Racing took third.

"I had no idea that no one would go out with me," said McBride. "I was lucky I guess. Leah caught up with me so it was good to have someone to work with. I knew she was a strong rider but I couldn't believe that we kept the pack off for the rest of the race.

"I was waiting to hear those girls behind me catching up but they never did. I'm pretty thrilled."