Volunteers needed Subaru Vancouver International Half Iron/Sprint

Dear LETC'ers In a few short weeks a number of our members will be racing/participating in the Subaru Vancouver International Half Iron/Sprint Triathlon at Spanish Banks.

One of the Boards initiatives this year was to get the membership involved in some volunteering as a way to support our local triathlon community and give back to our sport. An incredible opportunity has presented itself with this home base event as the race organizers have been having difficulty finding local volunteers because of the timeliness of the long weekend. Not only has this created the PERFECT opportunity for LETC to volunteer as a club, support our peers and give a little something back to the sport we love, but the race organizers have also offered us a bonus of $500 if we are able to bring the 25 much needed bike and run course marshals. It's like a win-win-win situation!

All of us know that races don't happen without volunteers, and I know we've appreciated them ourselves at some point out on course, so now is your chance to pay it forward.

The volunteer shift would be 6:30am - 3:30pm on Sunday July 4th and below is a short description of what is required.

  • Assist cyclists & runners along route in giving directions, controlling spectators, cheering, and contacting medical help if needed.
  • The primary function of the course marshal is to direct the runners, not the traffic. In addition to keeping the runners on course, they provide information to runners such as their course location, changes in direction and possible obstructions ahead and to look for runners who may be in distress.
  • Police officers are stationed at major intersections where traffic flow is interrupted by the cyclists, traffic control is the responsibility of the on-duty police auxiliary or police officer, not the course marshal.

If you are in town that weekend and were planning to come cheer on your friends, training buddies and fellow LETC'ers, PLEASE consider this great chance to support your local triathlon events, be a part of your community and give back to something that we all know doesn't happen without a few hours from people like you.

SIGN UP in Google Doc link that will be emailed to all club members.

Looking forward to seeing you out there!

LETC Exec Board & Coaches