combo Q 'n' A

Great turn out for last night's combo workout everyone!  With close to 50 riders out everyone did a great job in working in pace groups and listening to group leaders.  Big thanks to our pace group leaders, Jody, Craig, Dave P, Alli, Alison, Valencia, Dave T jr. Remember that pace groups are dynamic and riders can move between groups;

  • If your group was too fast for you, drop down a speed bracket to a slightly slower group.
  • If you were too strong for your group, check with the coaches before promoting yourself  ;-)

There is a lot of information to convey with transitions, often more than we can cover in a single session.  So, for those wanting to read ahead for what's coming up later in the season or those racing earlier in the year, go check out what we have on our LETC technical page on transitions.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to introduce new cycling and transition skills while building fitness.

Keep an eye open for a review of drafting and paceline skills.