LETC this week

Wednesday April 21st 6:30pm spin @ Jericho Sailing Centre main parking lot down by the water.  Parking is free until sometime in May, or for those resistant to change you can park over by Cuppa Joe or even back by Speed Theory.  Just be in the parking lot for 6:30 when we leave! If you are racing Delta tri this weekend- bring your running shoes so we can work on some transitions!

Please dress responsibly for the weather- you should have long sleeves / arm warmers, gloves, tights / leg warmers and shoe covers.  Those unable to ride home by 8 pm should have lights with them.

Thursday April 22nd 6:30pm run from Kits Community Centre.

Saturday April 24th is the Delta Triathlon- so change your long ride route if you're not racing to cheer on your team mates!  If you can't swing by Delta, plan an easy bike ride from Bean Around The World on Cornwall near Maple.  Be ready to roll out at 9:00 am!

Sunday April 25th is swim at Lord Byng Pool, be on deck ready to jump in the water at 7:30 am OR 8:45 am based on your group assignment. Please remember to be on deck ready for the workout briefing at 8:35 then into the water at 8:45!  Those doing core and balance drills be on deck 20 min before the swim start please.

This week is timed swims we're looking for all Olympic Distance (and longer) triathletes to be aiming for 1500 m before we head outdoors at the end of May! Short course triathletes and novices can negotiate that down to 800 m.

After the swim we will do our long easy run at 10:30.