LETC this week

Wednesday Feb 24th 6:30 pm spin session at DUNBAR COMMUNITY CENTRE We have a slightly bigger room available to us this week so room for everyone- even if they bring a friend!  There is an optional run for warm down in this week's spin, so bring your running shoes if you want to try a combo "bike with run warm down". Thursday Feb 25th we are running@ Kit's CC. We're leaving the CC at 6:30 pm sharp.

Saturday Feb 27th is an easy bike ride (weather permitting) from Bean Around The World on Cornwall near Maple at 10 am

Sunday Feb 28th is swim time at Lord Byng Pool, on deck ready to jump in the water at 7:30 am OR 8:45 am based on your group assignment. After the swim we will do our long easy run at 10:30.

This week we're doing 50, 100 and long distance timed efforts, so show up ready to go.  Get on deck early to warm up, psych up and trash talk Stephanie.  Please check your past timed efforts so you know what time you have to better!