January 25-31; the week ahead@LETC

THE WEEK AHEAD Wednesday January 27th with a 6:30 pm spin session at Speed Theory. We start at 6:30 so arrive early enough to set up. Usually this is from 6 onwards.

Thursday January 28th we run from Kit's Community Centre on Larch @12th at 6:30 pm. We meet in the main lobby or Snowy's Lounge by the arena and head out at 6:30 sharp.

Saturday January 30th is an easy bike ride (weather permitting) from Bean Around The World on Cornwall near Maple at 10 am to allow for better visibility and warmer temperatures

Sunday January 31st is swim time at Lord Byng Pool, on deck ready to jump in the water at 7:30 am OR 8:45 am based on your group assignment. After the swim we do an easy group run at 10:30. The earlier swim group can go get a snack and return for 10:30- bonus for getting up early.

Please be respectful and arrive at least 20 min before your session so you can change, get on deck and be there for the pre-workout instructions. Swimmers who show up late may not be allowed in the pool or be asked to wait until they will not disrupt the workout.

Remember to purchase you swim workout tools so you can do the workout properly with everyone else; pull buoy, strap, paddles, fins, water bottle with energy drink