LETC this week

Happy New Year! This week is the LETC kick off with four sessions planned!  So get your gear together and come join us for your triathlon training fix

  • Wednesday January 6th with a 6:30 pm spin session at Speed Theory. We start at 6:30 so arrive early enough to set up.  Usually this is from 6 onwards.  Things you will need include;
    • CLEAN bike- if its dirty and dropping grunge everywhere, don't bring it into Speed Theory.  Stay outside, clean it, then bring it in.  Please ensure your tires are pumped up BEFORE you arrive for set up.
    • trainer - no rollers please! And bring your own block for your front wheel!
    • big towel to go under your trainer to catch sweat, water, lunch, etc.
    • little towel to mop your sweat- and Stan's if he's next to you
    • hydration; bike bottle with energy drink or water
  • Thursday January 7th we run from Kit’s Community Centre at 6:30 pm.  We leave KCC at 6:30 so arrive ready to go at 6:30
    • running gear and that's it
  • Saturday January 9th is an easy bike ride (weather permitting) from Bean Around The World on Cornwall near Maple at 10 am to allow for better visibility and warmer temperatures
    • bike WITH fenders
    • spare tubes
    • frame pump or CO2 cartridges
    • water bottles with energy drink and some food to munch on while riding
    • winter gear (i.e. for cold weather and wet weather)- especially shoe covers!
  • Sunday January 10th is swim session number one at Lord Byng Pool, on deck ready to jump in the water at 8:30 am followed by an easy group run at 10:30.  Some pool toys you should collect and bring to practice to get the most out of the swim sessions are;
    • swim suit, cap and goggles
    • pull buoy
    • strap (don't know what this is? Bring an old bike inner tube and we'll help you make one)
    • paddles (small ones please)
    • fins (smaller ones for swimming, not the bigger scuba kind!)
    • water bottle with energy drink
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