June 6-7 and the week ahead

LETC was busy this past weekend in Oliver racing in the Oliver half iron. Congrats to all who participated and coach Andrew for cheering squad duty.

Oliver Half Iron
38 4M4549 Jean-Yves Sauriol 4:48:53 29:05 2:38:43 1:36:14
176 4W3034 Penny Lidstone 5:20:31 36:22 2:52:39 1:44:02
180 5W3034 Kristina Bangma 5:20:52 36:15 2:51:59 1:47:14
233 19M5054 Clayton Reichert 5:30:01 40:51 2:48:42 1:54:48
379 32M5054 Chris Manore 5:52:24 33:55 3:04:40 2:06:43
617 41W3539 Alison Thompson 6:31:48 40:46 3:14:38 2:28:59
624 77M4044 Barton Pietras 6:33:11 58:07 3:00:08 2:23:22

Let us know if we missed anyone!

At the Westside Classic cycling road race, LETC's Rob finished 29th out of 98 starters and Tall Dave was in there somewhere too- way to go Dave and Rob!  Martina and Rachel raced as well but we're still waiting on the women's results...

This next week is hill climbing week...

WEDNESDAY: 6:30 pm Cypress Bowl Road @ Cypress Bowl Lane (Mulgrave School exit) for a climb and descent workout up Cypress.

THURSDAY: 6:30 pm last parking lot on Spanish Banks for intervals on Salish trail- post to post

SATURDAY: 9 am long easy ride from Bean Around the World

SUNDAY: Sasamat Lake 8 am at the gate for open water swim and a training tri for those interested