LETC weekend

Hiya Peeps! Big Good Luck shout to those brave souls heading to Oliver this weekend for the Half Iron!  You go!

The rest of us still have to peel ourselves from the dent in the sofa and burn off those Vera's burgers, Kettle Chips and Hagen Daz treats.  Not that the LETC secret service is watching you...


BIKE: 9 am from Bean around the World on Cornwall


SWIM: 8 am from Kit's Beach on the ocean side of the lifeguard tower.  Leave your valuables in your car and wander down with your bare minimum ;-)  We're doing open water ocean swimming work, beach starts, beach exits, etc.  Wetsuits are recommended, but you'll survive without one.  If anyone has an old suit Tom Jr.'s size (men's S) bring it down for him to try.

RUN: after the swim you can cruise off on a long easy run of your choice


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