Day at the Beach

LETC had its first open water swim and training tri at Sasamat Lake this weekend and it was amazing! Blue skies, warm temperatures, pleasant clear lake to swim in, quiet roads to bike,... the good life. And we had our best showing ever for a Sasamat training day with just over 30 peeps! And Sally from the UK joined us as a guest coach!

The upcoming week's schedule is as follows;

Wednesday 6:30 pm at 4th and Highbury for a combo workout at UHill School. Bring your bike and running shoes... elastic laces too...

Thursday 6:30 pm at Pt Grey track for pace work

Saturday 9 am for easy group ride

Sunday 8 am on Kit's Beach by the lifeguard station for an open water swim session. If its super cold, nasty or otherwise not safe for open water, into Kit's Pool we go so bring your city flexipass or some cash.

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