NS tri prep

Hey Peeps, Time to prepare for race season and the NS tri on Monday is a great rehearsal event. With a pool swim, multi loop bike and trail / road run it is a great starter event.

  1. First check your start time and plan on arriving 1:30-2:00 hours early to ensure you can park, get your gear set up, body marking and warm up done.
  2. Next, look at the race course maps and know where to go! If you can make a trip to Ron Andrew Rec Centre before Monday to preview the course.
    • Look at the pool, try it out if you want to. The turn in the shallow end is really shallow- think beached if you're not careful!
    • Ride the bike course loop once or twice.
    • The run is super tricky with trails then road and back to the same trails to finish. There are sneaky turns, uphills, downhills, twisty sections that will slow you down unless you're confident about where you're going.
  3. Plan to warm down!
  4. Plan your post race snack and let your friends and family know!

A cool feature you can use to plan for races is Google maps and Google earth. Map your course in Google Maps; how to get there, where to park, swim course and notes, bike course and notes (i.e. corners, landmarks, etc.) and the same on the run. You can indicate good spots to have gels, drink, etc.

Here's an example.

Go plan for a good race, good solid preparation leaves you lots of room to perform at your best!