LETC updates!

Weekly update for May 11-17 Alan is away this week, so let Andrew know if you're racing NS so he can tweak (your program) for the race!


...is a combo workout- bring your running shoes and bike.  If you're racing NS tri make sure you have elastic laces all ready to go for this workout!  Meeting at 4th and Highbury then up to UHill for bike-run combo games. 6:30 departure or you have to catch up


We're running trails at Jericho East- meet by the life guard station at 6:30 sharp


...is an optional swim-bike workout so you can fine tune your swim bike transitions for the upcoming races.  Bring your CLEAN bike and trainer to the pool, if the weather is good we may even do outdoor transitions!
from Stephanie

Hi all - I have to do the Wednesday combo workout early so I can watch Thomas's school band (good mother/bad athlete).  My current plan is to do it around 1:15 pm.  Is there anyone else who needs to do this early and wants company?  I do have some flexibility with the time but need to be done by 4:30pm.
e-mail me - skieffer(swirly "a" thing)cw.bc.ca

oFrom Jeremy at Speed Theory

Cervelo is coming to Speed Theory

Cervelo is coming to Speed Theory on May 23rd for E-ride. This is a chance to take one of their models out for a ride, without having to buy one first, and get a feel for their design.

How it works: If you would like to sign up for a demo ride you can go to the
www.speedtheory.ca link and click on their banner on our home page, or you can register at www.cervelo.com/e-ride

On the day you will bring your riding gear, shoes pedals, helmet, and a sexy outfit to ride in, and then you give them your driver's license and they will give you a bike for a 30-40 minute test ride.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an e-mail at jeremy(swirly "a" thing)speedtheory.ca