The Wildflower Report April 27-May 3

Wildflower was beautiful!  For a week and a bit, 11 Campers joined together for an eventful experience in the Californian woods. The training venue was majestic with blue skies, rolling hills (argh!), alpaca sightings, turkey vultures and invigorating dips in the Lake San Antonio. ~ This was Michelle's, Teresa's and Sarah's first LETC Training Camp. ~ Also, thanks to Stan Rogowski and Andrew Morrison for the pictures.

We all learned something new at Wildflower:

~ Spin up hills! Keep it light and you'll go far! ~ A fire starter can double as a tent deodorizer ~ Take your nutrition at the right time or you'll get Hangry! ~ Birdies love trail mix and will break down your tent door for it. ~ The hills and training program kicked our butts! ~ A few people shared the responsibility of snoring. ~ Elephant Seals like to body surf on top of each other with no apologies. ~ Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate because peeing 16 times in one day isn't weird. ~ While car camping, chairs are important ~ Coffee is also important, more important than chairs ~ Thursday we were pooped and it showed but that's ok, Friday was our rest day. ~ Friends tell the truth through high def. photos ~ Lots of riding (especially in hot climates) may require personal water soluble lube ~ At the finish line of the 1/2 Iron, there was a woman willing to beat you with a stick if you hadn't fully enjoyed your self torture during the race. ~ You can make random friends and they'll give you beer! Thanks L.A. Moe! And

Having 4 tires slashed by a malicious individual was not much fun but the kindness and humour of all who helped out made the situation and those good people involved positively unforgettable.  Clay, Andy, Teresa, Stan, Michelle and all who helped.  Remember, you're not a Zero, you're a Hero!