LETC this week

It's hard(er) week peeps! Here's a quick look at what's coming over the next few days;

Wednesday- we're indoors at Speed Theory for 6:30 pm one more week then we're definitely outside next week for the ride

Thursday- Pt Gray track in Kerrisdale at 6:30 pm

Saturday- NOW at 9:00 AM! The monthly destination ride is coming this Saturday April 18, 2009 (destination and maps TBA)

  • destination suggestion #1 Whytecliffe Park W Van + side trip map

Sunday- We did a test of a combo swim-bike workout this past weekend and it worked well.  So, this Sunday lanes 3 & 4 are up for a combo swim-bike.  Bring all the bike gear you would for a spin at Speed Theory (bike, trainer, towel, etc.) and make certain your bike is very, very clean.  If you don't have a clean bike, you ride outside in the parking lot.

... and the Sun Run 10 k is also this Sunday


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