its a walkoff.

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March 22, 2009

Leading Edge has confirmed a partnership with SUGOI for uniforms!

We have received sample uniforms and its time to try them and get your size! If you have any creative ideas for LETC designs or colours go to the Sugoi online custom page for temlates.  Start designing with the RS cycling shorts and RS ss jersey!  Bring your design to the walkoff!

AND we're pleased to announce that LETC is joining the global tri community know as ironguides.  Details on that on the 22nd as well!

When? Sunday, March 22 1:00-3:00 (after the run) Where? Stephanie's House - 4284 West 15th Ave. Why? For the WALK OFF and to try on SUGOI sample clothing

And it's a Mediterranean theme pot luck!

Any food that can be found on the shore of the Mediterranean; Greek, Italian, Corsican, Moroccan, Israeli, check your geography books for more options! If your first name ends in A-H you're on appys, I-P main courses and Q-Z deserts

If you wanna be on a walkoff crew, wardrobe, makeup, coaching, etc. leave a comment on the blog!

Check back soon for more updates...

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