March 7-8 weekend update


The LETC long ride is canceled due to high risk riding conditions, not only is there snow and rain forecast but also 60-70 km/hr wind gusts.

This is enough to say the ride is not happening.  Call your riding buddies, get out the trainers, rent a movie or two and ride indoors.


Sunday there are a number of LETC folk racing in the UBC triathlon.  There is little to no chance of a swim warm up at this event, so if your start time allows it, come warm up at the tri club swim anywhere from 8:30-10:00 then head over to UBC for your race.

After the club swim, the long easy run will head over towards UBC to watch the race and cheer on your team mates.

Remember your swim toys for Sunday morning practice; paddles, fins, pull buoy, strap, cinder block, truck tire, fishing float, straight jacket, etc.