LETC weekend update

Its the final stretch to finish off hard(er) week! Here are some reminders...


By 10 the roads should be fairly non slippery, but be cautious in shady areas.  Enjoy Honey's!


If you haven't made time to get your swim toy yet, you've got less than 48 hours to get your act together.  After that its no more whining, sniveling and excuses; just suck it up and pull on the big boy or big girl swim suit.  You had ample warning!

Here's a reminder of what you need;

  • pull buoy: a flotation device you hold between your legs
  • strap: a flexible elastic band big enough to go around your ankles to prevent kicking while swimming. You can make one out of an old mountain (or road) bike inner tube or a length of thera-band.
  • fins (or flippers): for swimming- are much shorter than diving fins. Make sure to get stubby training fins for swimming and size them well! AND
  • paddles: we recommend smaller paddles rather than dinner plate sized ego strokers which will wreck your shoulders in no time

You can get these from Speed Theory in Kits or Team Aquatic Supplies in North Vancouver