Balding for Dollars

Hey LETC, As you know, I'm not one to do runs or bike rides to raise money for causes because I simply end up turning them into races and embarrassing myself.

So I've finally found my event. The school I work at, Mulgrave, is doing a Balding for Dollars event next week for BC Children’s Hospital and I've volunteered to kick the week of fund raising off by having my head shaved in front of the entire school. Crazy, I know, but I figure it should make me a faster swimmer if nothing else.

The more money I can get raised, the more the kids will get behind the event and raise even more money themselves. And besides, I know you would be willing to give up a little bit of cash to see me without hair. So any amount you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Just visit the site below and follow the instructions

Thanks and all the best.


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