LETC update


Our friend Rachel McBride raced for Team Canada in Brazil this past weekend and beat all other teams along with team mates Olympian Lauren Groves and Kerry Spearing.  Read initial info here on Lauren's blog until Rachel gets some info posted (hint!hint!)


Thanks to all who joined us Sunday for the first pool swim of 2009!  The drill section of the LETC blog (stability and propulsion) has been updated with the drills you did on Sunday and more.  If you have any cool drills (that have a known purpose other than humiliation and hazing rituals...) let us know!  Like wise if you need a better explanation of any of the drills, let us know!

BTW we're already rejected the submission of side to side with strap and its variation with paddles.  If you're not sure why, go give it a go...


There is now a page for strength training on the LETC site!  And with it two basic strength programs for you to try out!


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