LETC Saturday bike

In the interests of safety there will not be an LETC bike workout on Saturday January 10. There is still a great deal of snow and ice on city streets and the possibility of falling is not worth the risk. We recommend that you do an indoor trainer bike workout instead, either with a small group to make it more social, or "at your leisure" if you prefer.  When doing an indoor workout, you can consider reducing the duration by 25-50% while you are unfamiliar with the trainer/indoor workouts as it can be very tough mentally.  More experienced athletes can do the full length workouts (up to 3 hours) if their coach says so!

To make the indoor workout more than just a negative calorie TV watching session, it is a good idea to include drills in your ride.  You can work on higher cadence and single leg drills to smooth out your pedal stroke, standing sessions in higher gears, etc.  A good simple way to approach a longer indoor workout is 10-20 minute blocks, with 5-10 minutes of drills followed by 5-10 minutes of easy spinning.


  • Half-Half: start with cranks parallel to the ground. Pedal 180º then stop briefly (0.5-1 sec).  Pedal 180º then stop briefly again.  Repeat for 30-60 seconds trying to smooth out force application to the pedals then pedal easy for 1-2 minutes and repeat.
  • Single leg: unclip on foot and pedal with one leg only.  Think push forward - pull back as opposed to push down, pull up.  Try to stay smooth and pick a gear where you can spin at 80+ rpm and hold for 15-30 sec then spin out easy for 15-30 sec.  As you learn to be smooth, lengthen the time spent on each leg by 15-20 seconds.  Aim for 5-10 minutes of single leg work followed by 5-10 minutes of easy spinning using both legs.
    • Remember to stabilize your core through activating abs, glutes and hamstrings while relaxing lower back
    • Your long term goal is to work up to 3 minutes of easy single leg spinning...
  • Big gear: select a bigger gear than usual so that cadence drops to 50-60 rpm and hold for 15-30 sec then spin out easy for 15-30 sec.  Repeat.  As you gain strength lengthen the time in the big gear. Try for 2-5 minutes of drill every 15 minutes of easy spinning
  • Fast legs: select a smaller gear than usual and try to push cadence to 120+ rpm and hold for 15-30 sec then spin out easy for 15-30 sec.  Repeat.  As you gain leg speed lengthen the time in the small gear or increase to a bigger gear and maintain or increase cadence. Try for 1-2 minutes of drill every 10 minutes of easy spinning

Remember to drink plenty of fluids during your indoor workouts and eat as well!  Here is a quick one pager on sports drinks for those who want to learn more.  Further more, a power gel or quick snack every 30-45 minutes may be enough to keep you mentally in the game as opposed to bailinng out early from low blood sugar encouraged boredom!

If you get bored on your trainer and want a challenge, consider a set of rollers and learning the drills all over again...


... then one day, maybe...


Have fun!


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