The unwritten rules of swimming

A work in progress as submitted to LETC by a newbie to pool swimming.

1. Seed yourself re the other swimmers in the pool and your lane.

1.1. If you get passed often move to a slower lane

1.1.1. If you get passed like your standing still move to a slower lane

1.2. If you pass others often move to a faster lane

1.2.1. if you pass others like they are standing still move to a faster lane

2. You don't get a private lane unless you pay for it.

2.1. Never assume you can make a lane private by being an asshole, swimming butterfly, groping back stroke or ultra wide breast stroke or by obviously breaking Rules  7 or 8

3. If you are significantly slower than another swimmer, don't start your piece right in front of them (it may mean you get an extra few seconds rest, deal with it or review Rule 1.1 and 1.1.1).

4. Be aware when approaching turns. If you are overtaking then let the slower swimmer know by gently touching a foot or better yet the left side of their ankle or shin.

4.1. CAUTION some people freak out at being touched!

4.2. But not if they've read the rules

5. If your are being overtaken, then give the faster swimmer room to turn

5.1. And don't race them to the wall if they have managed to catch up and pull up even to pass

6. Swim on the right side of the line or whatever direction everyone else is swimming!

7. If you are stopping get out of the way!

7.1. Don't stand at the center of the wall chatting- leave room for others to turn.

7.2. Or do a groin stretch with one foot on the wall by each lane rope

8. Don't swim in running shorts with no liner or bathing suit underneath

9. Don't pee in the pool.

9.1. Practice getting rid of excess fluid when you are in open water, standing on the beach in your wetsuit and preferably by yourself!!

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section...

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