LETC AGM update

LETC had our 2008 AGM Monday November 18 No big surprises of any kind, no big changes of any kind.  We'll keep on doing what we do best- being one of the best triathlon clubs in Canada!

There was unanimous support and praise for our outgoing board of directors; Heather, Mary, Nicole, Deb and Bronwyn.

Coach Alan and Andrew would like to thank everyone on the Board for all their dedication and hard efforts over the past season(s).

We appreciate all you do and have done to make it easier for us to do what we do.

And a big thanks for helping to uphold the values and mission of the triathlon club through the easy times and the not so easy times.

We will see you back at workouts as "civilians" again soon.

Alan and Andrew

Our incoming board was nominated and we are under the guidance of returning board member Bronwyn, along with new directors Clayton, Teresa and Marie.

Please warmly welcome our new directors when you get a chance!

AGM minutes will be posted... when we get them!

Alan | Andrew