LETC strength training clinic

The off season is a good time to learn new things... such as a little more about strength training! LETC will offer an introduction to triathlon specific strength training clinic November 1 from 2-4 pm at KCC.  Our two head coaches and a few volunteer club coaches will run the clinic.

Cost will be minimal ($25 or less+ fitness centre admission fee) for LETC and run club peeps.

The clinic will look at strength training as part of your overall training program as a triathlete, not how to become a huge muscle bound gym-critter!

Here is the planned agenda;

  • intro
  • safety
  • etiquette
  • core strength
  • body weight and home exercises
  • weight room exercises
    • upper body
    • lower body
    • combination
  • sport specific strength
  • anything else we can think of!

And we have allowed enough time to get home and get changed for the LETC year end "Seven Deadly Triathlon Sins" party later that same evening :-)

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